Stand Out To Make A Difference - The Intelligent Evolvement of Airwheel...

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Airwheel in its 4-year development, has successfully developed electric unicycles and taken a considerable share in the market. In accordance with its innovative spirit, Airwheel is dedicated to develop more groundbreaking products for intelligent transportation.

The History:

In 2010, the founder of Airwheel Mr. Guogang Zuo built a team specifically for the R&D of electric unicycles.
In Nov. 2011,their team came with the first demo unit and spent 1 year optimizing it.
In March 2013, Mr. Li Lun from Empower Investment made the first capital injection to Airwheel, meantime Airwheel was introduced by the “Elite Program of the Dragon City”, and began to produce its first intelligent transport product – Mars Rover.
In Apr. 2013, Changzhou Airwheel Technology Co., Ltd. was established.

Stand Out To Make A Difference - The Intelligent Evolvement of Airwheel Electric Unicycles

The first generation of Airwheel – Airwheel X3
In Apr. 2013, the 1st generation of Airwheel products, Airwheel X3 was launched.
In Apr. 2013, Airwheel opened its 1st e-shop on
In Apr. 2013, CEO Mr. Guogang Zuo started to build distribution channels and networks.
From Apr. to May 2013, Airwheel’s distribution network covered 3 major cities in China: Shenzhe, Guangzhou and Hangzhou.
In July, 2013, Airwheel signed the exclusive distributor in the capital city Beijing.
In July, 2013, Airwheel production capacity reached 6,000 units per month, and monthly sales volume soared to roughly 3,000 units.
In Aug. 2013, Airwheel opened its 2nd e-shop on
In Nov. 2013, Airwheel opened its 3rd e-shop on
From May to Nov. 2013, Airwheel rolled out its following X-series products: Airwheel X5, Airwheel X6 and Airwheel Q3.
From Apr. to Jan. 2014, Airwheel sales volume totaled 80,000 units , with total turnover USD 20 Million and market share 70%.
On 8th Jan. 2014, Airwheel grand open for its 200th regular chain store.
In Apr. 2014, Airwheel hit the monthly sales target 10,000 units in China and 4,000 units in the overseas market.
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